Despite of the competence of US healthcare system, there is much room for improvement via innovation, research and technology. Americans do have more access to treatments that any other country in the world but still there is space for reform and baskentweb is a Platform where people will learn a lot of new Health Technologies easily.

As per Baskentweb here some ways to address the issue:

  • Health insurance must be made portable and personal. Whole process must be decentralized where the control must lie with the individuals rather than government. Moving towards individual health insurance is the right remedy.
  • Insurance industry is not the only one in need of competition. Consumers must have greater choices when it comes to healthcare provisions.
  • Most healthcare expense is associated with federal government. In order to mitigate such concern, government must set a definite amount per recipient who is willing to spend on healthcare.

Healthcare is well established in the US but it is not free from loopholes. Here is how the issue can be addressed in a effective manner.