CBD oil for Better Sleep


At night, we sleep. It seems the most obvious statement in the world and yet it is not as simple as when night falls each of us falls into bed, ready to sleep – in one go – eight hours or more.

No, the truth is much crueler. Many of us suffer to fall asleep. For many of us, the bedtime routine involves hours of lying still, eyes closed, waiting for sleep to come out of nowhere. We end up getting fed up with this, and we start doing something else like surfing the internet or playing a video game, which doesn’t help us fall asleep either.

Studies show that more than half of the population has difficulty falling asleep and about 25% of all of us sleep less than the recommended eight hours per night.

CBD, thanks to its relaxing properties, is a great help for all those people who find it difficult to fall asleep.

It also helps you sleep better. Relaxing the muscles prevents many of the things that affect the quality of our sleep, such as muscle tension (avoiding bruxism, among others) and pains that could interrupt our precious sleep.


There are two ways to use CBD so that once our bedtime comes, we are closer to falling asleep much faster and easier than we usually do.

The simplest way is to take CBD oil at night. This dose should be quite high compared to a normal dose (five or six drops) and should be administered two to three hours before falling asleep. The idea is to establish a routine of starting sleep preparations at least one hour before bedtime. We take our CBD, and then we can get ready to shower, put on our pajamas, etc.

While all of this is going on, the CBD will take effect and by the time we are in bed we are very relaxed and ready for sleep.

The other way is to take CBD throughout the day in increments. Instead of relying on a sudden hit of relaxation, this method concentrates on building up this relaxation over the course of the day. We start with one to two drops in the morning, three to four drops at noon, and finally two to three drops one to half an hour before bedtime.

In this way our body arrives already relaxed at night and all it needs is a little push to be ready for rest.


The way CBD helps us to sleep better is the same: It relaxes our body and, thus, we adopt a better disposition to rest and relax.

For those who don’t have so much trouble falling asleep but have trouble sleeping well and without interruptions, it is best to administer CBD oil immediately before going to sleep. This means that we should have our bottle of Justbob CBD oil on our bedside table. Once we’ve gone to bed, are snuggled up and have seen all the new posts on social media, that’s the right time for CBD oil.

Having our CBD oil near our bed is important for people who are unable to sleep through the night. The moment you wake up and feel like you are going to be unable to fall back to sleep, take a small dose of CBD to remedy this and be able to fall back to sleep.

Napping is also important. For those of us who need a nap after lunch, it is important to administer a higher than usual dose before or during lunch. If your normal dose is two drops, for example, you are entitled to four drops before the nap. The nap is usually two to three hours, and the CBD effect lasts just over four hours.


By all accounts, CBD is extremely effective in treating a wide range of sleep disorders. As far back as a couple of decades ago, when CBD oil did not yet exist in the form that it does today, hemp was prescribed in many places to alleviate insomnia.

As a therapy, CBD oil is very successful, and is usually sufficient for most of those with mild problems, but if you need it, you can also accompany your CBD oil with other CBD-containing products. After all, this chemical compound is very safe to use and there is no risk of addiction or overdose.

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