Fitness equipment for the home


You finally want to get slim and fit again? Looking good on the beach? Keep your cardiovascular system on its toes or get rid of back problems? But fitness studios are too disgusting, awkward and expensive for you? Simply training at home with fitness equipment is what you imagine? And now you want to know which fitness equipment gives the best results at a low price? Then you’ve come to the right place. Instead of an expensive gym passive membership you can buy a great piece of sports equipment. Maybe even several.

Lose weight & get fit all around, without sports equipment?

To be fair, I’d like to say here in advance that anyone can get top fit without any equipment at all. Mostly even fitter than with complicated sports equipment. With the right exercises, elastic straps or dumbbells and a pull-up bar you can also do it, but that requires more self-discipline. Many people who buy a fitness machine hope for the memory effect that the sports machine triggers: “There is an ergometer in front of the TV, oh yes I wanted to use that every day”. Of course, the best piece of fitness equipment is useless if you don’t use it regularly.

Tip: Build up your habit first, e.g. get on the machine for only a minute every morning or immediately after work and then slowly increase it every week. Every minute of training is a success!

Sports equipment for whom and with what goal?

Most people who come to this website already have some ideas which fitness equipment they are interested in. That is quite normal. Unfortunately, many people who don’t like sports choose equipment that doesn’t bring them closer to their actual goal. On the other hand, the sports equipment should not be so exhausting that you don’t feel like it after the first time. Other sports equipment is suitable for people who are very overweight (thick) than for people with a normal weight. So a recumbent bike can be much more comfortable than a shaky folding fitness bike. A rowing machine is also very joint-gentle and effective.

Exercise bike to warm up and reduce stress

If you are looking for a piece of sports equipment with which you can do sports at the same time, e.g. to get your circulation going in the morning, to reduce some stress after work or simply to warm yourself up before the right workout, a recumbent ergometer or a classic bicycle ergometer could be very satisfied. Joints are spared and a recumbent ergometer is especially pleasant for overweight people. But a recumbent ergometer is also very suitable for those who want to read the newspaper or watch TV while cycling.

Sports equipment to lose weight

Most buyers of fitness equipment hope that this will lead to a reduction in weight. However, bicycle ergometers are usually not as effective here. Of course there is a training effect, but fast weight loss is rather rare with these sports equipment. Primarily few leg muscles are used which do not consume enough energy to lose weight. A crosstrainer or treadmill with an incline is already more effective here. Here also torso and arms are moved a little. Even better is a rowing machine which strains legs, arms and back muscles.

Fitness equipment at home for muscle building

Through whole-body muscle building, e.g. through a weight station, calorie consumption increases even at rest and can therefore lead to weight loss more quickly. However, large weight stations are expensive and bulky and are therefore only suitable for a few people. In principle, permanent weight loss is only associated with a permanently changed, better eating habit. In addition, everyone should have their thyroid gland values checked. In Germany, underactive thyroid glands are very common and, according to some studies, prolonged endurance training can lead to a further reduction in hormone production.

Fitness equipment for abdomen & six-packs

Yes, there are various ab trainers that promise tight abdominal muscles and yes, some of these also work. However, if there is a bacon rind in front of the abdominal muscles, the abdomen will only get bigger with these devices. No matter what device manufacturers promise, nobody has yet found out how to selectively reduce fat only on certain body parts. So please have a look at the point “Lose weight” again.

When it comes to losing weight, a “healthy diet” is much more important than any fitness machine. So first look what you eat and drink. It’s best to photograph everything you put into your mouth or drink with your smartphone for a week. Carbohydrates (pasta, rice, potatoes, sugar, alcohol) are more harmful than fats. Industrially produced food should always be avoided. Organic products usually contain more nutrients than imported products from industrial petroleum-based agriculture.

Sports equipment for abdomen, legs & bottom training

Women often start to get fat on their legs and hips, which is why there are so many fitness programs especially for women with these problem zones. Often steppers and crosstrainers are recommended which train the leg and buttocks muscles. But even here, the body fat percentage is not reduced, there are just bigger buttocks. Accordingly, women should also try to train the entire body and change their diet. You can also buy on amazon these amazing equipments you can use for fitness routine.


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