Indoor Air Quality – Brought to You Via Your HVAC


We spend a large portion of our lives indoors in modern times. Problems that never used to exist now do because of bad air quality inside our homes. The effects of the pollutants within your homes may not have immediate effects, but doctors are starting to make the connection these days.

It isn’t too difficult to clean out the air in your home. I’ll give you a few easy to follow tips right now that will change your home into a pollutant-free environment and secure your future health. What do you say to that?

Clean Floors and Surfaces Regularly

Anytime someone enters the house; they track nasty stuff in from the outside world. While the pollutants may have less effect outside due to the size of the atmosphere, the issue is that your home tends to be air-tight. If so, the pollutants that come in will stay inside your home forever, unless you clear them out often.

If your house has a carpet of any kind, vacuum every couple of days. Wipe down tables, benches, and so on too. Mop any tiled or wooden floors. I would also recommend dusting any pictures you have hanging up as those can hoard dust too.

I would also recommend you place a mat in front of any doors that lead outside. That should decrease the number of pollutants being dragged in from outside.

Balance the Humidity Level

It is best to keep the humidity level between 30-50%. Balancing the humidity level inside your home can help to remove harmful germs in the air as well as keep you comfortable and healthy.

The means to control the humidity of your home is found with an HVAC (heat ventilation and air conditioning) system. An HVAC system can absorb the heat from inside your house and deposit it outside and vice versa when it is cold outside.

You can use the thermostat to manipulate what the HVAC system will do. Not only can you pick the temperature you want, but you can also choose the dehumidify option in order to remove water particles from the inside. Obviously, if the humidity is too low, you can also draw water particles in the air outside and deposit them inside.

Use Natural Cleaners and Scents

Using poisonous chemicals does clean off grime faster than natural cleaners but imagine what effect those chemicals are having on your surfaces over time!

For a start, most chemical cleaners are a hazard for children and animals, especially if not properly stored. They will also damage your wallpaper and countertops over time.

Natural cleaners will take some extra time to clean off the dirt and muck of your house, but it is much healthier means of protecting your house in the long run. Using chemicals to clean off dirt is the same as trying to clean your throat with alcohol. It may sterilize your throat, but it will still cause you problems later on!

These are just a few of the many ways in which you can improve indoor air quality. Get started now and protect yourself and your family from future trouble!

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