Reiki Symbols – Effective Signs For Your Energy Work


Reiki is an artificial word developed by the Japanese founder Usui Mikao, which is composed of the Japanese words for spirit (rei) and vital energy (ki) and thus describes Reiki as a universal vital energy.

Reiki involves not only the laying on of hands, but also the use of Reiki symbols. They can be used both for self-care and for energy work with other people or animals.

Reiki training is generally hierarchical, but may differ in initiations and gradations. It is common to have three or four diplomas until the last diploma, the teacher’s diploma, is obtained.

During the first initiation – in the first degree – the Reiki channel is open and during the second degree training, three Reiki symbols are generally presented and the work with them explained.

In third level education, many teachers introduce what is called the teacher symbol. Check out additional resources about Reiki Symbols via this link:

The third degree is therefore also called the master’s degree. The symbols may differ optically depending on the Reiki school, but they generally have the same names.

Many Reiki practitioners adhere to the tradition that symbols can only be transmitted from teacher to learner and must otherwise be kept secret.

The symbols of Reiki
The Reiki ChoKu Rei symbol is used to strengthen the Reiki energy, it should be able to change its quality. It is also useful for stubborn blockades.

The subjects attributed to Choku Rei are, in addition to energy amplification, grounding and power.

The Reiki symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is represented in the Japanese Kanji script and shows the human body as the holder of the five elements and seven chakras.

It is used as a symbol of contact that can bridge the gap between time and space.

The Reiki Sei HeKi symbol can be divided into two parts that represent Ying and Yang. The symbol is used for harmonization and can be used to balance a hyperactive chakra.

The central themes are balance, purification and emotional healing. The Reiki Dai KoMio symbol is used to connect with universal energy and is considered a master symbol, which is only closer to the third degree learner.

The central themes here are inner control and the link with the source.

Working with Reiki symbols
You can use Reiki symbols as effective signs in your energy work for others or for yourself.

They serve to connect the practitioner more quickly with the energy, power of Reiki and are also understood as a kind of key that facilitates the path to a higher level of consciousness.

You can draw or look at the symbols themselves and focus your mind on them. Reiki symbols are based on Kanji, a Japanese writing system.

Each symbol represents a certain aspect and has its effect especially through interaction with the corresponding mantra.

Reiki symbols are also partially used in the work of the chakras. They are used to identify blockages and to activate and strengthen energy centres.

They can also be used to balance the chakras. If you want to find peace in yourself and immerse yourself in yourself, you can also use the power of Reiki symbols.

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