We Love Compression Fittings!


If we had to select something that annoyed us most throughout our mobile home makeover tasks, plumbing has got to be it. While we’re not sure what they are like in more recent homes, water lines in older (pre-2000) mobile homes have a tendency to be strangely set up, plastic tubing, without any shut down valves at the resource. No shut off shutoffs at the source? Why does this make sense? Specifically when so many mobile home washrooms have carpet in them! (Oh wait, maybe THIS is our # 1 inconvenience since I think about it!) We’re still damaging our heads over why you would certainly place rug in a space where there are water resources when you are going to utilize wafer board for sub-flooring. If you have carpeting in your mobile home washroom, we have two things to state: “Good luck!” as well as “Get it out, CURRENTLY!”

Yet we digress … Now back to pipes!

Our recent home pipes jobs include installing a common residence tub and also surround (it’s gorgeous!), brand-new sink/vanity and toilet, plus, a bigger, self-cleaning hot water heater as well as brand-new stress tank (we have a well). In all of these jobs, our greatest concern was not getting the installations right. The plastic tubing is easily reduced, however this can be excellent as well as bad. It’s primarily bad when you are wielding a rug blade and inadvertently slash a closed tube and also spring a leakage. Right Honey? Yet it’s additionally excellent due to the fact that you can utilize a carpet blade as opposed to a hack saw. (Simply a note * We have been understood to utilize RADA kitchen knives to cut sewer line prior to in a pinch. These are such quality blades that they cut tomatoes just as well after slicing with 3 inch PVC pipeline!).

The trouble with the plastic tubing comes when you try to include metal installations to it. It is difficult to obtain the fittings into the tubes tightly sufficient, yet then you need to also secure it. These fittings as well as clamps have actually triggered all sorts of stress during past fixings of existing installations. Water messes galore have actually derived from the backs of tubs, under sinks, and also behind commodes. This is no other way to do pipes.

We were convinced by wonderful family members that we might have real house fixtures in our mobile home and with the help of these fittings, we have actually completed that. While we didn’t change every one of the water lines (I desire!), we did replace every one of the installations thus far in the projects we’ve done. We would certainly dislike to speculate on the condition of our marriage now if it had not been for quick-connect compression fittings!

Yes, the installations we have located to be the very best suitable for our demands are quick-connect compression installations. These fittings come in brass and also plastic. We’ve utilized plastic in all of our tasks until now as well as had wonderful success. We can’t start to share exactly how simple these installations make our plumbing upgrades. Not only are they a breeze to link as well as set up on pipe/tubing, yet they additionally can be found in many arrangements that we have actually always found an item that matched the requirements of our particular room as well as specs. We purchased them at our regional house renovation facility, all for under $8.00.

Compression installations allowed us to take the existing pipes and make it also much better by including no-leak installations with shut-off shutoffs. There was no soldering and a very little variety of devices included. Each fitting slides onto the end of existing tubing or water line, as well as with an easy pull they are tight and also leak-proof.

If you are a mobile home proprietor, do not choose mediocre plumbing. Water damages in any type of house can cause a riches of problems in the future consisting of structural damages as well as mold and mildew. In a mobile home, the building products are often inferior to stick-built houses making the opportunities of real damages much higher. It’s time to use this wonderful item to take simple procedures to ensure your house’s safety as well as and security for years to find.

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